How to Protect Your Home From Fires

Someone kindly sent along a link to a really useful article about protecting your home from fires. So I thought I would, and should, share it.

There are links to GUIDES, some interactive, as well as a list of ACTIONS TO CONTAIN FIRES and suggestions on FIRE PREVENTION TOOLS homeowners should have. Good reading and worth sharing with friends, neighbors and family.

  1. Clear your home’s surroundings of debris and combustible materials.

  2. Maintain your lawn and keep bushes and trees trimmed.

  3. Use fire-resistant materials when building or updating your home.

  4. Make sure your home has a fully functioning fire alarm system.

  5. Keep a shovel and fire extinguisher in an easily accessible place.

  6. Practice appropriate fire safety measures with campfires.

  7. Prepare a fire safety plan.


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