When things are not under your control and you just have to hope for the best.

There are lots of Hope for the Best moments in the real estate transaction, especially these days. As a first time home buyer, these Hope for the Best moments can be frustrating.

For example:

  • Hope for the Best that you get pre-approved
  • Hope for the Best that you find the right house
  • Hope for the Best that your offer gets accepted
  • Hope for the Best that the inspection goes well enough to continue on in the process
  • Hope for the Best that the home appraises
  • Hope for the Best that the underwriter approves your loan
  • Hope for the Best that  you can close on time
  • Hope for the Best that money will be there at the table when you come to your closing. (yes, if you don’t pick the right lender, this can happen)

There’s no getting around the fact that it takes time, sometimes far longer than expected – a short sale purchase being, perhaps, the most aggravating and time consuming – so being prepared for this and having contingency plans is important.

As is being prepared for the emotions and anxiety that arise as time stretches on and goes beyond what is expected and hoped for.


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