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    LIMA is one of the best heat exchanger manufacturers and suppliers in China; our company is able to offer you high-quality reboiler. Don’t hesitate to contact our factory.
    Heat exchange
    Product introduce
    The specialized production of various types of heat exchangers has formed in Lima on a large scale. The company mainly fabricates various types of heat exchangers for famous foreign companies. Lima is familiar with the manufacturing and inspection for both domestic and overseas customers, understands the development direction of the latest technology in heat exchanger manufacturing both in China and abroad. Aims at the well-known international companies to provide them with high-quality heat exchangers and services and accumulates rich experience in designing and manufacturing. The company mainly provides heat exchangers to the domestic and international renowned large companies such as BASF, HOECHST, BAYER, HPD, GRAHAM, ARKEMA, RHODIA, CLARIANT, DYSTAR, ROCHE, ASTRA, KOHLER, BUSS, S^MSUNG, SECCO, ABB, TECHNIP, TOYO Engineering, AQUATECH, CROLL-REYNOLDS, DE SMET, and CROLL-REYNOLDS, etc.
    Work pressure: ≤15Mpa;
    Net weight(ton): 5t~200t;
    Diameter: 500~4000mm;
    We can provide the special design to your working conditions. Respect the final drawings for all dimensions and weight.

    Auto T/TS joints welding
    machine during welding.

    Finished auto T/TS joints welding

    Heavy exchanger manufactured for HPD Spain.

    Large exchanger manufactured for HPD U.S.
    (Φ=5m, 8m,L=18m,180T)

    Delivery of Heat exchanger

    Heat exchanger


    Large heat exchanger (130T)

    Heat exchanger

    H2SO4 reboiler Pressure Vessel manufacturers


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