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    Expanded graphite is manufactured from natural graphite flakes with well-ordered high crystalline structure. After high-temperature instant treatment, the flake shape of the expandable graphite changes to worm shape, with volume increasing by 100 to 500 times. This expandable graphite still retains the properties of natural graphite and has high plasticity, ductility and sealing performance. It is high-quality raw material for various graphite boards and sealing parts. It also can be used as new protective slag and heating agent in metallurgical industry.
    Typical properties of the material:
    Flexible and soft.
    Chemically and thermally resistant.
    Highly impermeable.
    Thermally conductive.
    Chemical and petrochemical industry.
    Mechanical engineering.
    High-temperature furnaces.
    Automotive industry.
    Energy storage.
    Construction and HVAC applications.
    Carbon content: 95~99%
    Particle Size: 32mesh ~ 100mesh
    Expansion Rate: 150~400ml/g
    PH Value: 5.0~8.0
    1kg per bag for expanded graphite worm
    5kg per bag for expanded graphite powder
    Delivery Time:
    Within one month after order.
    Payment terms:
    T/T or L/C
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