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    Professional manufacturer SM401 600ml water heater car electric kettle
    DC CAR WATER KETTLE WITH 600 cc capacity

    【product description】
    Cups: food grade PP material (tasteless)
    Capacity: 550ML
    Heating rods: food grade 304 stainless steel spiral heating rods
    Accessories: a large cup, a small cup, a filter cup
    Burning time: 24V twenty-five minutes or so burned to 100 degrees, 12V forty-five minutes or so burned to 100 degrees boiling state.
    Voltage: 24V / 12V (cigarette lighter socket to take power)
    Power: 250W / 150W
    long-distance travel to a hot instant noodles; to the baby hot milk; to their own cup of tea or coffee …

    Liner and cup body: food grade PP material
    Kettle cup body color for the gray with, the visual effect is outstanding
    Cigarette lighter head for 100% pure bakelite material, high temperature, high current resistance
    Wire is pure copper material, copper wire is thick enough to withstand high current!
    1, hold down the activities of the button on the lid, in accordance with the arrow instructions, inward force, gently open the lid of the car kettle.
    2, the water inside the kettle should not exceed the mark on the kettle marked line.
    3. After filling, make sure to cover the lid of the kettle and insert the cigarette lighter plug into the car or other 12V or 24V DC power jack.
    4, the switch on the – position, with light switch shiny. The bottom of the kettle lights, then the kettle has been normal power.
    1, if the liquid inside the kettle burned, the internal design of the automatic temperature control will turn off the power, then can not be used immediately, need to wait for heating plate temperature below 120 degrees before the normal work again
    2, this kettle designed specifically for 12V or 24V DC power supply, do not insert other power.

    As one of the largest various electric products manufacturers in China, Smile Electrical now sincerely welcomes you to buy the discount and quality professional manufacturer sm401 600ml water heater car electric kettle made in China from its factory. We also offer the customized service and the quotation consultation.Non-auto-stop Car Electric Water Kettle Non-auto-stop


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