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    Our History
    •1998 – Establishment of Huasheng Plastic Products Co.
    •2000 – Built 2nd facility to increase capacity
    •2001 – Secured Target contract
    •2004 – Won out in US Anti-dumping
    •2005 – Awarded Walmart, Subway supply contracts
    •2007 – Moved to current site for additional capacity
    •2008 – Established Huasheng High Polymer to engage in research and development of biodegradable resins
    •2009 – Start-up of first PBS production line and compounding facility
    •2010 – Certified of DN 6400 at BPI for both resin (PCO2) and bag product
    •2011~ current – initiated sales of PCO2 bags to US market
    •2014 – Certified of EN 13432 at DIN CERTCO for both resin (PCO2) and bag product
    •2014 ~ Addition of new facility and equipment to phase out the old ones
    Our Factory
    Nantong Huasheng Plastic Products Company Ltd.(NHP)
    NHP is well-known in the plastic film blowing industry home and abroad for its capacity, quality products, good services and innovative drives. When acquired in 1998, NHP was only a single site producer of 1000MT/annum capacity for T-shirt bags. Through eleven years of growth, NHP now is comprised of three manufacturing sites, over 100 extrusion units, and has a capacity of over 40,000MT per annum. Our product portfolio has expanded to a variety of T-shirt bags, can liners, side-sealed bags, die cut bags, draw-tape bags, soft loop bags. Our customers are 100% offshore including USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc. NHP has been qualified as a supplier for shopping bags by many World-wide known chain stores like Walmart, Target, Dollar Tree, Subway, Dollar General, etc. Our competitive edges are:
    Zero anti-dumping duty into US market for shopping bags
    Own patent for easy-open T-shirt bags
    Good composition of equipment to accommodate different order requirements
    Good logistic infrastructure
    With new environmental protection legislations and standards being put into place worldwide, NHP gears its future to research and scale production of next generation film materials (green plastics) and has developed a 100% biodegradable modified resin composite specifically for film blowing with assistance from domestic research institutions. This resin composite is made primarily out of Carbon Dioxide, and is modified by NHP’s own proprietary 100% biodegradable material for film application.
    NHP is positioning itself as a pioneer and leading resin producer for this green plastic product. We look forward to working with our existing and potential customers and business partners for a greener world.
    Our Product
    HDPE/LDPE/LLDPE formula based:
    –T-shirt bags (easy open)
    –can liners
    –side-sealed bags
    –die cut shopping bags
    –draw-tape bags,
    –soft loop bags
    Bio-degradable resin and finished products
    Product Application
    Our Certificate
    Easy open patent for T-shirt bags,
    EN 13432: 2000-12
    ASTM D 6400
    GB/T 28001-2011/ ISO 14001:2004
    GB/T 190001-2008/ISO 9001:2008
    Production Equipment
    Extrusion units, bag making machine
    Production Market
    Market position: No. 1 in East China, Top three in China
    Major market: USA and North America, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, etc.
    Our service
    •Good mixture of equipment capacity to accommodate customer needs
    •Strong technical staff to provide solutions for customers
    •Zero anti-dumping duty for shopping bags into US market
    •Easy open patent for T-shirt bags
    •Over 10 years of experience to service US chain stores for quality products and logistic solutions
    •Fast response to customer needs
    •Good quality control system and knowledge learned from various plant auditsChina die cut handle bags suppliers

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