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    Our History
    Qingdao Shuimu Induction Heating Equipment Co.,Ltd is an high technical company specializing in the industrial heating service.With strong technical team and core management team, factory-owned patent, Shuimu company serves the high technical company and University labs. Shuimu welcomes opportunity to design and build for your specific heating requirements.
    Our Factory
    Qingdao Shuimu Induction Heating Equipment is located in the China international business city-Qingdao. As a global supplier in the induction weld heaters, heat treatment furnace and melting furnace, Shuimu Induction supply high quality goods and service to the customers around the world.
    Our Product
    Shuimu Induction Products includes the following:
    1.Weld heater
    2.PWHT heaters
    3.Induction coils
    4.Melting furnaces
    5.Heat treatment furnaces
    6.Insulation material and blanket
    7.Thermocouple and temperature recorder
    We supply series induction heater, furnace,coils and other heating system parts to the customers from domestic and foreign market.
    Product Application
    Our MYD series induction heating system are air-cooled heating equipment with DSP system and temperature control system.
    Their main applications are pipeline heat, pre-weld heat, post-weld heat treatment, stress relief, injection mold heating, annealing, etc.
    Pre-heat for welding, coating, bending, thermal assembly,ect
    Postweld heat treatment(PWHT): stress relief and hydrogen elimination
    Heating: water, oil, gas, vessel, tank, boiler, mold, zinc bath, pipeline liquid heating,ect
    The using fields involved are petrochemical, oil and gas pipelines, aerospace, shipbuilding, steel, tanks, boilers, vessels, pressure vessels, cylinders, metal structure, spatial structure, railway bridges, electricity water, mine construction, vehicle manufacturing, nuclear power, mining, plastics processing, energy saving process, mold, screw barrel industries, etc.
    Our Certificate
    Our company wins 2016 Excellent Enterprise Recommended Brands Board issued by Qingdao newspaper media group. Our series portable induction heater is an air cooling heater with many patents.
    Production Market
    Shuimu Induction wins customers from both domestic market and oversea market. Our salesmen, engineers and technicians overseas can speak fluent English for good communication.
    Our main sales market:
    America: 27.33%
    Europe: 22.62%
    Asia: 12.71%
    China: 28.67%
    Others: 8.67%
    Our service
    We have the sales agent office and after sales service center in domestic and abroad.smelter suppliers

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