• Everyone wants to own their own home. Purchasing a home for the first time is not an easy task. First, you need to be able to financially afford one, which means either having the capital or being able to qualify

  • When you are thinking of purchasing a home, one of the things you need to consider is how you are going to pay for the home. Unless you are independently wealthy, you will not be able to purchase a home for cash.

  • A short sale is a process in which the bank allows a borrower to sell their property and pay off their debts at a discounted price.

    Different From Foreclosure:

    There are many people that think
    that a

  • A
    foreclosure is where a bank takes possession of a property because the property
    owner has defaulted on their loan.

    For Buying a Foreclosure:

    You can
    find many different kinds of properties being

  • What You Should Know about Buyer’s Closing Costs
    Most states use escrow companies or attorneys to complete the transaction. You need to check with your state’s attorney or escrow agent, but lots of this in


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