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If you re a first time home buyer you need a place where you can ask questions and get real answers. Buying first home is a complicated process and nobody does great things alone. Our mission is to bring you passionate professionals from all over the North America to share their expertise with you for free. Our passionate real estate pros like Real Estate Agents and Brokers, Lenders, Home Inspectors and Insurance agents are here to share their wast knowledge with  you.







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Some of First Time Buyer topic

Making Decision

We love for everybody to fulfill their dream of becoming a homeowner, but not everybody ready. We provide a range of topics for you to start getting clarity if home ownership if the right path for you.

What to buy?

now that you know you want to be homeowner, you have many things to consider. Do you buy where you live now, move closer to work or buy close to your family. Everybody will have an opinion for you during this part of the process, but this is untimely for you Home Buyer to decide.

Getting Financing

Most first time home buyers found that saving for down payment and obtaining financing was the most difficult task. We want to give you resource where you can find our how to get financing and how to navigate all the lending requirements.

Due Diligence

Read on what to look for when you select your real estate agent, your financing pro, your area where you plan to buy, your home inspections, local laws and regulations that may effect your home buying joy.

Offer and Negotiation

There many variables to your offer and price negotiation and you need to have a strategy when you are buying your first home. Read money tips from our experts, ask questions while you are in the process.

Home Inspections

Read what happens during your home inspection, what it covers and what most important, what home inspection doesn’t cover. What type of inspections to order, how much will it cost and what to do if your they found issues in your first home.

Closing your purchase

As a first time home buyer this is a very existing day, but get prepared as it can become more stressful then joyful. Our home buying resource will give you a strategy and prepare you on how to avoid common closing mistakes.

New Home Ownership

For the first time home buyer this is the most joyful part of the journey. We give you the best strategies and ideas on how to go about settling in your new home, moving, getting repairs done, remodeling and redecorating to make your new home your our. How to save money and what you should and should not do in your new home.
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Find topic that you need, get educated on every step of your home buying journey.

Ask Questions

We encourage you to comment and ask questions. Keep it polite and positive. We want this to be place welcoming to all.

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